Statutes of Limitations in Federal Court

Cantin Mynarich LLC are experienced federal lawyers and one of the things that we check is whether the federal government waited too long to file charges and whether the statute of limitations has expired.

Can That Altered Serial Number On the Firearm Seized From Your Client Still Be Seen With the Naked Eye? If So, Object To That Four-Level Enhancement!

Federal firearm crimes often have potential enhancements. For example, when a defendant pleads guilty to being a felon in possession of a firearm, there are several enhancements that may be applied under the guidelines.

Fraud After COVID-19: The CARES Act and Wire Fraud, Bank Fraud, Money Laundering, and Aggravated Identity Theft Charges

It is only a matter of time before individuals and businesses will get charged in Missouri federal court for fraud stemming from the CARES Act loans.

Lifetime Supervision and GPS Monitoring of Missouri Sex Offenders

In Missouri persons found guilty of or pleading guilty to certain sex offenses are subjected to a lifetime of supervision and GPS monitoring.

Why should you hire a trial lawyer who also has appellate experience?

Defense attorneys with appellate experience know the importance of making the record for appeal.