Erica Weighs in on Opening Statements

Nationally known criminal defense attorney Erica Mynarich weighs in on opening statements in the Theodore Edgecomb trial in Milwaukee.  Erica appeared nationally on CourtTV this week with anchor Ashley Willcott to give her expert analysis of the case.

Video Transcript

Ashley Willcott:

[Erica] do you think that this is a successful potential defense in this case?

Erica Mynarich:

Well, after hearing the opening statements, I think it might be, I think it’s interesting that Cleereman’s wife allegedly did not call 9-1that she called this person Anna. Who is this person Anna? There was a lot of stuff they told us about that I hadn’t heard before, and so they very well might have a self-defense case.

Ashley Willcott:

I wondered the same thing, who is this, Anna? And I know that we’re going to hear that through the presentation of evidence. If we’re to believe the opening statements. Ladies, you’re gonna stay with us, which I greatly appreciate because coming up, we’re going to shift here still in Wisconsin, but talk about the Chandler Holgersson case.

Erica primarily represents people charged with crimes in federal court and in Missouri state courts. Erica has extensive training in trial advocacy, including the three-week Trial Lawyers College in Wyoming and the Trial Lawyers College’s graduate program.

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