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What Our Clients Have Said

“My case was a mess. There’s not a more professional way to put it – it was an absolute mess that was ongoing for 3 full years. An attorney friend recommended Shane and Erica when I was desperately in need of the best representation. After working with them both hand in hand for 3 years on a single case, I can honestly say I would recommend them 110% of the time – no doubts or questions asked. When there seemed to be no way, they dug deep and found a way.

They were always honest, open, and confident in direction and gave me peace of mind to know they had my very best interest at heart. They treated me with integrity and kindness at a time when I personally lacked both from myself and most others. If we hit a road block, they made their own detour…. I honestly can’t emphasize enough how incredible my experience was. They made such horrible time in my life a bearable experience. And, in the end, their hard work paid off better than I ever expected it to. My gratitude is unending to them both. Thank you so much!”

“There are no better people in this world than Shane and Erica. They gave me a powerful voice when I was voiceless and they fought relentlessly for me when I was powerless. Their legal expertise is unparalleled and they are the most decent and compassionate people. My situation was traumatic and awful for me yet they were able to get us to the right result. I really cannot say enough about the quality of their character or their work ethic. They are the right choice for you.”

“I grew up thinking individuals and organizations in law enforcement were just as determined to find understanding and truth as they were with upholding the law. However, I learned that detectives and prosecutors are not your friends and some will piece together bits and pieces of a story to make you look guilty of whatever they want to charge you with, leaving out any evidence that contradicts their agenda. They are playing games with your life and it is the scariest and most stressful thing you will ever encounter. If you find yourself in a legal situation, whether you’ve been charged yet or not, reach out to Erica and Shane for legal advice. They truly do have your back and will give you expert advice for your situation.

I was blessed to be represented by both Shane and Erica. Shane is professional, honest, and straightforward. He will not sugar coat anything, but his confidence and experience gives you a sense of security. Erica puts all of her heart into defending her clients and even though she has several clients, she makes you feel like the priority. She genuinely cares about you and your well being. She understands the law extremely well and the games some detectives and prosecutors play. She fights for you with passion inside and outside of courtroom.

Both Shane and Erica are excellent at communicating with their clients. Every case and client are unique, but with their experience they are able to provide the best advice and guidance you will find. If you find yourself in a legal situation, your mind will be too stressed to understand things clearly. It is best to have either Erica or Shane representing and guiding you. They will investigate your situation themselves, uncover, and present any evidence that was overlooked or ignored by prosecutors to help your legal stance.

I highly recommend these attorneys. They are well respected among their peers and law agencies and their reputation precedes them both personally and professionally. They are truly a force to be reckoned with and definitely who you want in your corner.”

What Sets Us Apart From Other Law Firms


Being accused of a crime is a scary and potentially life-altering experience, and you will have many questions. We always answer and return your calls and emails. If you’re in jail, we visit you often and communicate with your family so they know how you are doing. Frequent communication helps to minimize anxiety.


We know the intricacies of criminal defense. We have gone to trial on charges ranging from misdemeanors to capital murder. We have handled over 350 federal cases and over 3,000 state and municipal cases. We know the judges and prosecutors because we work with them daily. We know what makes them tick. And we use that knowledge to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.


We are relentless and leave no stone unturned in investigating your case. We often hire private investigators, forensic experts, and scientists to assist us. In some cases, we also hire psychologists to evaluate or provide therapy to our clients. We think outside the box to resolve your criminal matter so that it has as little impact on your life as possible.

  • Criminal Defense Lawyers in Springfield, MO

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